Opposite of Far Studio...meet our team!

Opposite of Far Studio

Meet the Opposite of Far Team!
We have a lot of fun together making all the Opposite of Far masks completely by hand, just for your little imaginative kiddos!
Mike is my husband & business partner. He has been full time at Opposite of Far for about 8 months now & we're loving working together!
I'm Jessica (the blondie). 5 years in & I can't believe I have a TEAM working with me! This is my favorite job ever (I've had a LOT of different jobs!) I'm happy to come to work every single day!
Next up is Christina, my BFF and right hand woman. She's been working with me for about 2 years now and I literally don't know what I would do without her!
Val started as an intern last summer and decided to stick around cause we're so much fun! We love having her & will all cry big fat tears when she leaves us this summer!
Sometimes I bring my pups (Milo and Brucey) to work with me after dinner because I work in a big old (and dark) school building and it's nice to have company late at night! Milo likes to steal the toys and claim them as her own! Sneaky pup...
It can get pretty crazy on my work table! See all those tails? Can you guess how many there are?
packing up orders....
Then Mike takes them to the post office!

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