Little Emma in this Big World

Emma's Big Adventures

If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know my niece Emma. This kid has my whole heart. She's funny, sweet and S A S S Y! In a lot of ways she's just like her Auntie Ecca (that's what she calls me!) For example, she talks to every single person who makes eye contact, loves to sing (with her own made up lyrics and slightly out of key), is a fantastic dancer and is only a tad bit clumsy. All that sass, though...that's from her mama! haha! 

Emma's mama is my little sister, Leslie. She's over 7 years younger than me, so in a lot of ways I mothered her when we were young (and still do, let's be real!)! Leslie was literally all my wishes come true...any chance I found to make a wish, I wished for a younger sibling (ahem...sister)-birthday candles (I wish for a sister) dandelions (sister, please) pennies in fountains (please I NEED a sister!)! When she was born I was on cloud nine and I believed that wishes really do come true if you're persistent! Because we have several years between us, we have had times when we weren't as close, mostly because of distance (and remember that sass I told you about...yeah, that too!)! I tease, I tease! In all seriousness, we're pretty darn amazing sisters and we couldn't be closer. I mean, she made me an aunt, how cool is that?! 

Because I love Emma SO MUCH, and because Leslie constantly sends me photos from their weekly adventures together I've asked Les to write a weekly blog post here so we can all share in Emma's extremely expressive personality, flair for fashion, love of dancing like an ever-so-graceful ballerina and BIGBIGBIG imagination! I hope you all love following along with Emma's adventures as much as I do!


Big thanks to my lil sis for branching out of her comfort zone to share with all of us here! 

I cute are these two?! ALL the heart eyes!

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