New Adventure Buddy

Happy Friday everyone! 

How is it possible that this weekend  is Easter?! And next week is the last week of March?! Here in Ohio, we've been starting to see blooms everywhere! My magnolia tree seemed to have bloomed over night, and I love it! Every year since we have moved into our house, I take a picture of E standing next to it when it blooms! It's become a fun little tradition!  This past weekend we enjoyed some family time and celebrated Easter a little early since my husband will be at work for the actual day. We had my husband's family over and my dad also came down for the early celebration.E enjoyed a fun indoor Easter egg hunt with her cousin, and then we did a mini photo shoot of the girls in their matching outfits that grandma got them! 

After we all ate, we were standing around having a nice conversation when my MIL spilled the beans about my husband's Uncle needing to find a new home for his three dogs. One of the dogs instantly came to my mind and I knew I had to have him! My amazing husband finally gave in and said "yes" to getting a dog! So after everyone had left, we packed up the car and headed to my husband's Uncle's house to get our "new" dog!

While we were visiting, E got to play with some of her cousins that she hasn't really met since they live so far away. She also got to join in on the annual family Easter egg hunt and had a blast! I've never seen an Easter egg hunt like it! Hundreds of eggs with numbers inside that determine the order that the kids get to pick out fun prizes at the end of the hunt!It was a little chilly(and SNOWING) but E had so much fun searching for the eggs! It was so sweet to see her participating in an Easter egg hunt that her daddy did when he was little. I love recreating memories with E, it's like we are reliving the best times of our childhood all over again!


After the hunt was over and all of the kids got their fun prizes, we started to pack up our newest member of the family! I was beyond excited and nervous about bringing him home. So without further ado, here he is! Say hello to Parker!


He is a six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the sweetest little love bug! I've grown up with dogs and I wish I had the ability to save every single one that needs a home! I want E to grow up with a dog just like me and my husband did, and I think Parker is the perfect fit for our family! It took her about a day or two to get used to him and to understand that he's not like our cat who she can just lay on or tease or chase around. Parker is very good with her, which is a relief! Our cat on the other hand, not so happy. He is slowly coming up from the basement more and more each day but as soon as he sees Parker, hes gone. But, I know he will come around in his own time(I hope!). I can't wait to take E and Parker on fun adventures to the park, and hopefully take him to his first Cincinnati Reds game when they have their Bark in the Park game night!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Easter weekend! And to start your weekend off happy here are few more pictures of Parker!



 Nothing sweeter than a girl and her dog!

I'm a sucker for those Cavalier eyes! Just look at that face!

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