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Hello! Happy April 1st everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend! I know we did! Aside from Fall, Spring is probably my favorite time of year. The trees are flowering, the tulips and daffodils are popping up and of course, for me at least, Cadbury Eggs! This Easter was pretty low-key for E and I. Her daddy was away at work, which on a normal basis is hard enough,but when he is gone on a Holiday it's pretty rough. I decided to drive up to my old homestead with E and of course Parker(who is adjusting quite nicely to his new home!) and spend the Easter weekend with my dad (who E calls Opa). It's always nice to go back home. It gives me a sense of security and calmness when I've had a week of two and half year old craziness! There is nothing better than breathing in the country air and watching the sun set through the trees.
Easter morning was pretty relaxed...well as relaxed as you can get with a toddler who had eaten at least five pieces of chocolate before ten o'clock! E tried her first Cadbury Egg and wasn't too sure about it!
We had plans to go to Easter Mass, but the ever changing attitude of a two year old made me realize that staying at home would be mentally better for everyone involved! But, I couldn't let her Easter dress go to waste! 
Her adorable dress, sandals and cardigan are all from Old Navy (two hands up for Old Navy's amazing sale the day before Easter weekend!), her amazing bunny ears hair clip is by Southern Adornments, and of course she had to have an Opposite of Far bunny mask for her  Hazel Village bear! The weather was absolutely amazing that day and E had so much fun running around her Opa's backyard as a bunny rabbit!
 Well, I hope everyone has an adventurous weekend, and to all you baseball fans out there,happy first week of the regular baseball season! I can't wait to go to some games this year and share all of the adventures of E's THIRD year as a little Reds fan!

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