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Kiddo Muse Interview

Lemon's mama, Allison, writes a sweet family blog A Little Blueberry
Lemon's papa, Ian has more energy than anyone I've ever seen! haha! If you haven't checked out @cookingwithlemon on definitely need to drop everything & go watch all their videos! They're hilarious and sweet and clever! You won't be sorry!
This little girl came to us as a bright light in a time of darkness.  We had been trying to get pregnant for a long time, lost a baby and then found out we were pregnant with her, our little lemon.  Her name is Lemon because we called her that in the womb and her middle name is Ray because she is our ray of sunshine.  We were so sad and lost, and didn't think we would have the chance to even have a baby, and there she was.  She is truly magical.  I friend to everyone she meets, is always singing and dancing and has an incredible imagination - we watched her play with just two crayons once on a 3 hour card ride.  She is always happy, never complains, is up for anything and is a good listener with a kind heart.  She loves everyone around her and every since she was little, she loves being around people - she is a party animal.  She can be so tired, and you'd never know it because she's still in a good mood, but when someone comes over and something exciting is happening, she'll force herself to stay up, she never wants to miss anything.  If you knew her in person you'd agree that she is the sweetest little soul, a ball of energy and light and our greatest gift.  Every day we think how lucky we are that we get to be her parents.  :) - Lemon's mama, Allison @allisonpants and papa, Ian @cookingwithlemon

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