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I have admired The Curated Tee since they opened last year, so you can imagine my excitement over this awesome collaboration! You can order your exclusive Play + Imagine shirt from The Curated Tee now! You can use the code PLAYANDIMAGINE, to get 15% off your tee & any Woodland Mask from Opposite of Far!
You can read all about ME as the Featured Artist for April!
This design was a collaborative work between me (Jessica) and an illustrator friend, Candice McDonald of Cordial Kitten. I described to Candice that I wanted paper masks made from my actual mask designs, but with more whimsical detail added that I can't add in felt. She is incredible at illustrating and ended up sending me absolutely beautiful drawings of my mask designs! Then together with the Curated Tee team & hand lettering by Betsy Petersen words spelled out using the masks' strings. It really was a collaborative affair this month!, we arranged the drawn masks into the playful and fun design you see on the tee! We also worked with Betsy Petersen (our November tee designer) for help with hand lettering the words spelled out using the masks' strings. It really was a collaborative affair this month!
I love seeing bigs teaching their littles all about curiosity, adventure & imagination! 
With your purchase of a Play + Imagine tee from The Curated Tee, you'll get some super fun downloads, including a page of paper masks so you can cut & color your own! The possibilities are endless, my friends!
What's your dream lunch? Mine includes all the things above, but it was SUPER hard to decide on just one meal!

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