Earth Day 2016!

Field Trip!

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated in more than 193 countries each year on April 22nd! Earth Day was founded in 1970 as a way to honor the Earth and demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is held on April 22 because that is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.


Each year, Earth Day has a theme. For 2016, the theme is Trees For The Earth, which is part of the Earth Day Network's plan to plant 7.8 billion trees by April 22, 2020, (Earth Day's 50 year anniversary!)! A fun way to participate in Earth Day with your kiddos is to plant your own trees, flowers and plants that help enrich our environments and ecological systems. 

I highly recommend the article  How To Explain Earth Day To Your Kids & Nurture Your Little Environmentalists to help you explain Earth Day to your kiddos! 

And the article The most rewarding way to celebrate Earth Day with your kids on is a lovely reminder to "start your Earth Day family traditions now and leave behind a legacy of shared responsibility"!

There are many fun things you can do to celebrate Earth Day!

PBS Kids has several great craft ideas for Earth Day!

TIME for kids has some great ideas & activities, helpful links and a fascinating list of facts too! 

Tinker Lab has a fun list of 50 Earth Day activities for kids!  


Visiting a nursery, botanical garden or conservatory with your friends is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day! Choose your favorite plants to take home and plant in your own yard or pots! Discuss why we need plants, how animals use plants and the proper way to care for plants. Children naturally love taking care of living things, so give them their own (safe) plant to care for- they will love the responsibility. Watching and caring for plants offers so many lessons throughout the seasons! 


Brittney Johnson of Haizel Creations is responsible for these gorgeous photos and the Insta-Video I posted on Instagram this morning (@oppositeoffar)! Brittney took her little lady & a couple friends to a nursery to flutter around all the lovely flowers dressed as a Monarch Butterfly, Ladybug and Honey Bee! The kiddos are wearing pieces from Fin and Vince, the Monarch Butterfly's top is from Tribe of Three!

I hope you find some fun and educational ways to celebrate Earth Day with your kiddos! Many cities have events you can attend to celebrate and help make a difference. Check out for activities and events near you! 

Please share your Earth Day activities in the comments below, I would LOVE to hear how you celebrate today and every day! 

In honor of Earth Day and for some extra Spring & Summer fun, I'm extending a very special discount to you! Use the code EARTHDAY April 22-26 for 20% off any mask from the SPRING COLLECTION! Enoy! 

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