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Hello Everyone!

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and the reason for that is because it has been a very busy past few weeks! Between the weather being too gorgeous to stay inside and unexpected Reds games (yay!), this momma and her little have been going non-stop! But, that's what Spring and Summer are all about!  

Spring is probably my favorite season (aside from Fall of course!) mainly because it's literally a fresh start for everything. New buds begin to emerge on trees, the grass is turning green, and no longer do we dread the cold winter days but live for the warm spring ones. Spring is also the time that me and E start taking weekly trips to the Cincinnati Zoo. Around the beginning/middle of April, the Zoo has their annual Zoo Blooms and it is a beautiful sight to see! Everywhere you look there are daffodils, tulips, and hundreds of different blooming trees.


pretending to be a pollinator! buzzz, buzzz....

On our last adventure to the Zoo this past week, E got to learn about one of the most important pollinators of the world- Bees! I was probably paying more attention to the information than she was due to a fun prop the Zoo keeper had, but I'm glad we stopped to learn more about how bees are the reason for all of these beautiful flowers! The Zoo keeper also gave us a tiny packet filled with milkweed seeds to plant in our own garden to help feed the Monarch Butterflies. She also informed us that since 2014, they have seen a significant increase in the Monarch population! That's really great news for the Monarch Butterfly and for us! You can read more about Monarch Butterflies and their impact on our environment HERE and HERE! You can purchase a Monarch Butterfly mask from Opposite of Far to show your support of these beautiful and amazing insects! And if you're interested in learning more about Honeybees, check out National Geographic! Your littles can buzz around all summer in an Opposite of Far Honeybee mask

After our fun learning session about pollinators, E insisted we go into the insect house! I walked VERY cautiously inside and E's eyes instantly lit up! I couldn't keep up with her as she was walking to each insect asking what it was and then running over to the other side of the room asking what the next one was. As I stood staring at one of the insects, I was reading about it's role in the environment. That's when I realized that I shouldn't be squirmy of these little guys, I should be thankful! They are the reason that we have the environment that we have and they help with the many Eco-systems of the world. It's important to me now that E learn about each little bug so that later in life her first instinct isn't to stomp them! As she is becoming older, she is showing interest is SO many new things, things that I never had interest in as a kid. It's like I'm getting a second chance at learning more about everything! I absolutely love it!

  taking it all in...

WHAT?! How crazy is that?? 


It's hard to believe that next week is MAY! And at the Cincinnati Zoo, May means Zoo Babies! I'm sure we will be taking plenty of trips to see all of the cute new arrivals! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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