EARS + PAWS- A Brand New Collection!

Opposite of Far Collections

I always get so excited when I'm releasing a new collection! Designing and making those very first samples is my favorite task! I get butterflies when I start sharing photos & feel almost sick with anxiety when I send out the first batch of samples for kiddos to try out! I always worry "what if they don't like them? what if these items don't inspire their imaginations? what if I made the fit wrong?"- it's exhausting, really! 


But then I start getting feedback from my valued friends, customers and fans. And my confidence is boosted. I start to get excited again and leave most of the anxiety behind.  But, honestly, ABSOLUTE BEST part of creating new items is seeing kiddos playing, imagining, being silly, and truly LOVING Opposite of Far! That is by far my favorite part of this job & definitely what keeps me going! 

Once the photos start coming in, I know it's good! I can see that the kids are really getting into character. I can hear their giggles and see their little imaginations bursting with creativity! I definitely cry happy tears over these photos of your kiddos enjoying my creations, because THEY are what this is all about! 

SO...that brings me to this latest Collection- Ears + Paws! I have been planning this collection for a few years. I have made several sketches, drawings, plans and thought long and hard about the fit, comfort, and "play-ability" of these items. I originally had the idea after hearing many stories of children with glasses, children with sensory issues, children who are a little timid, etc AND they love pretending & love animals... but just can't get behind wearing a mask over their face. I wanted to create something for THOSE kids. I want ALL kids to have access to Opposite of Far, to have the opportunity to imagine more deeply, to really get into character! I am hoping that with the new wide range of options- masks, tails, ears, paws, crowns, beards- ALL the kids can PLAY + IMAGINE in a way that is comfortable for them! 


Oh...and the best part? Parents can wear the Ears too! So get in on the fun with your kids, those are the moments of childhood that will stick like glue in their little memories!

And the Paws...well those are just TOO MUCH FUN! They're big and fluffy and silly and will make your kids giggle with delight! (promise!)

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