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Halloween Costumes

We can't talk about Halloween costumes without talking about classic Halloween costumes!! I'm talking Bat, Skeleton, Black Cat, Pumpkin & Ghost! These are the classic costumes you think of when you imagine a spooky Halloween costume. It's fun to explore scary when you're a kid...but only a little bit, maybe! And with the Opposite of Far take on these classic costumes, kids can be more spooky-cute, just to keep it playful and fun instead of too scary! 

perfectly styled by Qiana K Photography in all the  monochrome stripes, plaid and kitty print! And I KNOW you're all suckers for monochrome everything, so these costumes are kinda hard to pass up, am I right?! 

The Ghost

Little Miss Sevin, working that (not-so-scary, but super stylish) Ghost look! I love this high-low black & white plaid top from Lunaflect Co.! 

And I love this look too, a little more "classic ghost" with the June Park natural dye, raw hem dress and sweet white shoes by Feather and Filly 

The Bat

The Bat is one of my favorite animals and so, one of my favorite masks too! I love the complimentary Bat Wings from The Wishing Elephant, they're the PERFECT addition to complete this costume! Can we talk about how COOL this romper from Jax and Lennon Co is too? I can see this paired with so many masks for some seriously cute costumes! 

I love these spooky bat vibes! 

Photos by Julia Parfitt, Rachael HickeyAdventure Scout, and Lindsay Williams. All kids are wearing the Bat Mask + Night Night Tee by Bubblegum Forest




Are you a sweet kitty or a fierce alley cat? Or maybe a little of both!

This year I added Black Cat Ears and Paws to the mix so you can match up all aspects of this costume! It's also a great companion/twin/sibling costume solution- same, same, but different

One of my favorite small shops, Vivie and Ash always carries a black cat print for Halloween/Fall and this year didn't disappoint! I love the black cat print on Will's tee by Rhyder and Rhenn too! They're the perfect amount of cure & cool for any cat!

And these Black Cat looks from Halloweens past are just too good to pass up! 

...especially the very hungry kitty!


The Skeleton

Will is the sweetest little Skeleton I've ever seen...can you see his squinty smiling eyes in there? Just the cutest! I love this perfect striped tee from June and January that works for every costume from Skeleton, Bat & Ghost to Superhero, Bank Robber & Pirate to Penguin, Swan & Black Cat! This might be the most versatile piece of clothing in your kiddos closet! But, then, I have a thing for stripes...so there's that!  

What better way to style the Skeleton mask than with a Skeleton shirt and leggings!

I love to see all your costumes, so please share on Instagram with #oppositeoffarhalloween and #oppositeoffarcostume


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