Long Breaks & Happy Returns!


For a number of reasons, I stepped away (slowly, quietly, gradually) from Opposite of Far a few years ago. I have been trying to "plan" my comeback for almost as long as I've been away. The truth is, it is SCARY to restart something as big and important as your small business! Every time I felt ready, I would question everything and end up pulling back again. 

About a month ago I announced I was coming back...then proceeded to freak out over all my grand plans (yet again, haha)! So, I'm taking a deep breath and I'm just jumping in! I'm ready and I'm so excited to be back here with you all! 

I'm starting by offering the Halloween Collection as made to order (but I am working on getting a good bulk of these items ready to ship as well)! I have also prepared some ready to ship items (YAY!) with plans to expand ready to ship by having themed product releases every couple months. Items not sold during the "drop period" would go into the ready to ship section. Since we are headed into a costume season, I will be opening the shop completely for a couple weeks so everyone has a chance to purchase specific made to order pieces needed to complete those super-fun costumes your kids are begging for! 

If you have any questions or requests, I am always available by email oppositeoffar@gmail.com! 



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