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Opposite of Far masks are a great way to tell stories! Whether kids are re-telling stories they've heard time & time again, or making up their own new stories, the masks help them get into character and inspire their creativity! With the help of Qiana Kelsh Photography, we've put some of those stories into photos for you! We'll be posting the full stories and photo collections on the blog!

"...And if a dragon accidentally eats spicy salsa . . . oh, boy..."

"down with this sort of thing!"

"Llama llama, red pajama gets two kisses from his mama...."

"You must be a friend,' said Corduroy. 'I've always wanted a friend.'

"...not by the hair on our chinny-chin-chins!"

"this chair is JUST RIGHT!"

"slow and steady wins the race"

"sometimes you have to kiss a frog to find your price"


"...the better to see you with dear..."